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    2. 滄州英博電器有限公司

      英博電器有限公司是專業從事健康系列用品的生產廠家,多年來致力于電動修腳器的研發生產。我公司研制的電動修腳器系列產品,是目前國內先進的修腳器械,擁有專利使用權。以其獨特的功能,成功的解決了金屬刀頭消除腳墊不損傷正常皮膚的難題。我公司科研人員經過多次與業內專業人士探討試驗,終于從研制階段轉化到了工業化生產階段。 英博公司在產品的研制開發方面始終追求高品質、高性能。精湛的工藝,優美流暢的外觀造型使人賞心悅目,因為只有優質品質的產品,才能被更多的消費者接受認可。



      Cangzhou Yingbo Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a heathy product corporation of China, which pay high attentin to devotion of science &technology and product development.The electric pedicure,which developed recently with special funtions,has resolved the difficult problem successfully that using metal reamer to clear up foot pad without any damage to skin.Our company's researchers tried lots of times with experts in the same indistury and finally the product transformsed from research period to industrialized production period successfully. As a devoting to healthy product corporation,we always pursue high quality,high capability of the product.The product is pleasing to both the eye and the mind by its exquisite technics and graceful appearance.We believe that the product which has high quality and capability can be accepted by people. Now,This kind of product can be called the mirror compared with the same products all over the world.We hope that our product can accepted by more and more ,and we also hope many people can enjoy health and happiness.we will face our consumers and dealers sincerely no matter what company spirit ,strategy,and decision-making,as well as the quality of our product.

      We hope you could join us and grasp the business opporunity.We will give the biggest benefit to the dealers with the greatest support.


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